Introduction of Chongqing University Laboratory Visiting

Chongqing Engineering Laboratory of High Performance Integrated Circuits
Chongqing Engineering Laboratory of High Performance Integrated Circuits is the only integrated engineering lab of Chongqing approved by Chongqing Development and Reform Commission. The laboratory responds to Chongqing's big data intelligent development strategy, studies the world's leading intelligent integrated circuit design theory and implementation technology, and are widely involved in system-level areas such as smart healthcare, big data, cloud computing and information security. It has formed a scientific research system with intelligent integrated circuits and intelligent systems as dual cores, supporting Chongqing's construction of intelligent industry, intelligent manufacturing, intelligent application "three in one" development pattern. Research areas include mixed-signal integrated circuit design, sensing circuits and systems, and power device design and application. High-level

papers have been published in famous journals such as Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems、IEEE Journal of Solid-State Circuits、IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems-I、IEEE Electron Device Letters、IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, etc.

Chongqing Key Laboratory of Bio-perception & Intelligent Information Processing
Chongqing Key Lab of Bio-perception & Intelligent Information Processing dedicates to the research of bio-perception and related intelligent information processing technology in the crossed field of the electronic information science and the life science, including three research directions: bionic sense of smell, electrophysiological signals perception, biosensor and internet of things technology. The laboratory has scientific research instruments which are worth more than 10 million Yuan. In recent 3 years, the laboratory has undertaken 88 research projects of state-level and ministerial level, as well as enterprise cooperation projects, has authorized more than 65 national invention patents among which 15 invention patents have been transferred, and has published 219 high level papers .

Chongqing Engineering Research Center for Special Communication and Networking
Chongqing Engineering Research Center for Special Communication and Networking is based on the discipline of "Information and Communication Engineering" and the national defense discipline of "Communication and Information System". The national defense discipline includes "Space Information Transmission Theory and Technology", "Military Networking and Exchange",

"Anti-interference Information Transmission" disciplines. The center has undertaken more than 50 R&D projects, which includes National Natural Science Key Projects, National 863 Plan Projects, Special research and engineering design projects offered by enterprises and institutions. and has won 1 second prize of State Scientific and Technological

Progress Award, 1 Second Prize of Military Science and Technology Progress Award, 2 Second Prizes of Chongqing Science and Technology Progress Award. More than 100 USA and China patents have been authorized, among them more than 30 patents were transferred to enterprises, and remarkable economic and social benefits have been achieved.

Key Laboratory of Dependable Service Computing in Cyber Physical Society (Chongqing University), Ministry of Education
In 2011, a key lab of CPS-DSC, Ministry of Education, affiliated to Chongqing University, was formally established, passing the evaluation of the Ministry of Education’s team of experts in 2013 December. It is currently the only named CPS research and development platform among all Ministry of Education Key Laboratories.
“Open & Collaborative, Interdisciplinary yet Synthesized”. Since the establishment of CPS-DSC, hundreds of teachers and students, are able to specialize and research the forefront of their respective fields. Meanwhile, they have also taken on an active interdisciplinary approach, gradually establishing Institute of Cybersecurity Studies(CPS-ICS), Institute of Big Data & Intelligent Services(CPS-BDS), Institute of Smart Transportation & Intelligent Automation(CPS-STA), Institute of Microelectronic technology(CPS-IMT). Moreover, our team has participated in various academic dialogues with foreign and domestic research groups and institutes as well as with IT corporate firms, establishing “CPS-Enlightment Forum” and various R&D test-beds including “Cyber Infrastructure Range”, “Platform for Quantum-Resistant Algorithm Research”, “Emulation Systems for Automate Driving”, “ParaStor200 Cloud Storage System”, and “Evaluation System for Advanced Chips”.