Registration Fee

To be considered for final acceptance and publication, each paper MUST have at least one paid full registration by the registration deadline. Papers that do not adhere to this requirement will be excluded in the proceedings.

Registration Link:

  Registration Types
RMB Yuan-人民币
US Dollar

Author (Regular)

3650 RMB

550 USD

Author (Student)

3300 RMB

500 USD

Author (IEEE / TPC Member)

3300 RMB

500 USD

Invited Speaker

3000 RMB

440 USD

Abstract Registration

2250 RMB

330 USD

Other Optional Registration Items


1800 RMB

270 USD

Additional Paper

2600 RMB / one paper

385 USD / one paper

Additional Page

400 RMB / one page

60 USD / one page

Extra Proceedings (A Set)

400 RMB

60 USD


 - One regular registration can cover a paper within SIX pages (Journal) / Five pages (Proceedings), including all figures, tables, and references.

 - The Author(Student) price is only applied for the paper whose first author is student. Student' ID card copy should be attached for registration.

 - The additional paper price is only applied for the registered author who is the first author in both papers.
One regular registration with one or more additional papers has only ONE proceedings copy. Additional paper registration precondition: The registered author should be the first author in both papers.