Special Session 2: Key Technologies for Mobile Phones directly connect to Satellites

August 25th, 2022. T-Mobile announced a partnership with Space X to launch the “mobile phone directly connects to satellite” program, which aims to provide Internet access to mobile users in parts of the United States via Starlink satellites. At the same time, Huawei, Apple and other companies have announced that their flagship phones will support direct satellite connection, which making mobile phones support for satellite communications a new selling point. However, at present, mobile phones can only support short message service. How to provide mobile broadband services for mobile phones through low-orbit satellites will become a hot research direction in the future. February 23th, 2023. The FCC has published a draft for comments on new rules for Supplemental Coverage from Space (SCS), which allow satellite operators to use ground-based mobile communications spectrum to operate satellites. The new rules published by FCC will promote the convergence of satellite and ground-based networks. In addition, the design of mobile phone technology follows the technical specification of 3GPP. 3GPP has preliminarily demonstrated the feasibility of 5G NR application in NTN, and has begun to carry out further enhancement technology research for various vertical application scenarios of NTN network. For such reason, we are organizing the Special Section of " Key Technologies for Mobile Phones directly connect to Satellites", in an effort to bring together researchers from academia and industry around the world to share the most recent progresses in advanced technology applications and scientific problems related to all aspects of mobile phones directly connect to satellites.

Topics of interest include but not limited to:

- 5G NR Integrated Satellite Access Network Architecture and Protocol
- Multi-antenna Satellite System Channel Modeling
- Space-ground Spectrum Sharing
- Satellite Semantic Communication
- Advanced Channel Coding Theory and Technology
- Advanced Satellite Transmission Waveform and Multiple Access Technology
- Satellite Access Node and User Equipment Antenna Design, Manufacturing and Measurements
- AI based Satellite Components and Systems Optimization
- Satellite Signal Processing
- Satellite IoT Random Access
- Satellite Beam Management and Physical Resource Scheduling
- Satellite Mobility Management
- Satellite Digital Simulation, Demonstration, in-orbit Test System
- Other Satellite Theory and Techniques